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This week, I was startled by some odd happenings at my home. While I was cleaning, to prepare for Halloween, I noticed a black van driving by. This truck gave me an uneasy feeling. It looked new, shinny black, polished up really well. The windows were as black as the car and it showed down and went very slow in front of our house. Once passed the Property, it drive off quickly. Today, i saw the same truck going slowly behind our house at 2am…

On the same day, there were two guys coming out of the house directly in front of us, 3447. They looked like something from a 70s movie with a mob boss. The passenger got on back if this cheesy pimp mobile that reminds me of a prince song. it had a shiny while cloth too and a red grape color body.  The two males, about 6′ 1″, had light brown to sandy blond hair. they were in their mid 50s and felt very out of place.

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